Ailing elderly woman returns home with help of Darjeeling District Legal Aid Forum

Siliguri, 06th August: The Darjeeling District Legal Aid Forum and other voluntary organizations rescued an elderly woman named Mukul Karmakar from the streets.

As per the report, the elderly woman is a resident of Hakimpara, Siliguri. She alleged that her son grabbed her by her throat last Monday after a family dispute heated. Out of rage, she stepped out of her house and did not return.

Upon learning about the matter, the Darjeeling District Legal Aid Forum and some voluntary organizations looked out for her and successfully rescued her. They then admitted her to Siliguri District Hospital as she was unwell. Her son and daughter-in-law then contacted the members of the Legal Aid Forum and took her back home on Friday. They also submitted a written assurance to Darjeeling District Legal Aid Forum, Protection officer of the district administration, and representatives of Family Support Center of looking after their mother from now on.

Darjeeling District Legal Aid Forum official Amit Sarkar said, "We rescued the elderly woman from the streets and admitted her to Siliguri District Hospital." On the other hand, after being released from the hospital, the woman said that she wants to live at peace. However, her son said that nothing as such happened and she left the house on her own.

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