After youth's kidnapping case, Left leader Ashok Bhattacharya appeals all not to cast a single vote to TMC

Siliguri, 21st January: NJP police, on Thursday, arrested three people including two activists of Trinamool Congress in connection to a kidnapping case of a minor in Siliguri. With the matter coming to light just before the Siliguri Municipal Corporation elections, opposition parties are expressing their opinions on the incident without missing a single beat.

Likewise, during a press conference called by the CPI(M) at their party office on Friday, senior leader Ashok Bhattacharya highly condemned the incident and accused the Trinamool Congress of being corrupt 'from bottom to top'.

"The city's people are not safe. The party (TMC) is completely rotten," Bhattacharya said while appealing to the people not to cast a single vote for Trinamool this election.

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