Adulterated liquor-making unit seized from former TMC leader Biswajit Sarkar’s house

Siliguri, 25th July: In a major breakthrough, Siliguri’s police of Bidhan Nagar Investigation Center and Bihar police in a joint operation recovered adulterated liquor manufacturing unit worth around Rs 40 lakh from the house of former TMC leader Biswajit Sarkar’s house in Bidhan Nagar.

As per the information, a few days ago, the Bihar Police arrested Biswajit Sarkar from Siliguri’s College Para alleging his involvement in an adulterated liquor racket. Sarkar apparently manufactured adulterated liquor in Bidhan Nagar and smuggled it to Bihar. After interrogating him, the Bihar Police and the police of Bidhan Nagar Investigation Center jointly launched a campaign at his house. 

During the search, police retrieved a huge quantity of spirit and cartons of glass bottles kept in a hidden compartment inside Sarkar’s house. Several pickup vans were also spotted parked at his house, which the police suspected as the means Sarkar used to smuggle the adulterated liquor to Bihar.

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