Administrative officials inspect various ration shops in Rajganj

Rajganj, 04th April: Based on various allegations, the Jalpaiguri District Deputy Magistrate Arindam Biswas, Rajganj MLA Khageshwar Roy and Sub-divisional Food distribution officer Ajay Kumar Mishra inspected the ration shops under Rajganj block today.

As per the report, they inspected the current scene of ration supply in various shops and checked whether the common people are receiving ration in adequate quantities or not. They also asked the vendors to hand over ration to the people maintaining social distance (a minimum of 1 m).

In this regard, Rajganj MLA Khageshwar Roy stated that several complaints have been filed against the ration shop vendors due to which an inspection was carried out in Kukurjan, Mantadari, Talma and various other areas in Rajganj.

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