24-year-old Biplab Sing promotes ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign through cycling

Siliguri, 15th May: Biplab Sing, a 24-year-old resident of Bankura district, has embarked on a unique mission to promote ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign. Biplab has undertaken a cycling tour to spread awareness about road safety not only in his home state but also across the country and even internationally.

Through his journey, Biplab is educating people on the importance of using helmets, adhering to traffic rules, and driving safely. Additionally, he advocates for a drug-free society and a healthier environment.

It is to be noted that, every day, numerous lives are lost to road accidents across the country. To combat this, both central and state governments have been running continuous awareness campaigns.

Among these initiatives, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, launched the ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign in 2016. The campaign includes various programs organized by the police to educate the public about road safety.

Reportedly, Biplab started his bicycle journey about a month ago to promote the ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign. He arrived at Bhakti Nagar police station under the Siliguri Metropolitan Police on Tuesday night, marking the 36th day of his journey.

After a night’s rest, he set off for Sikkim on Wednesday morning. Prior to this trip, Biplab has raised awareness about the campaign in Arunachal Pradesh as well as in neighboring countries of Nepal and Bhutan. Throughout his travels, he continues to engage with communities, spreading the crucial message of road safety and vigilance.

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