100 people left other parties and joined TMC

Rajganj, 31st January: 100 people left other parties and joined Trinamool Congress.

On Monday, a meeting was organized at the Ampakhri more of Panikauri area of ​​Rajganj block under the initiative of Panikauri Region Trinamool Congress. Several women from Bash Bari, Dangapara, and Jugni Danga villages joined TMC under the leadership of Rajganj MLA Khageshwar Roy.

In this regard, Rajganj MLA Khageshwar Roy said, "After seeing the development of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, around 100 people joined TMC today. This further increased the strength of our party."

DPSC Chairman Laikkhamohan Roy, Panikauri Region Pradhan Alap Roy, Panikauri Deputy Pradhan Namita Roy, Anukul Kuri, Patiram Roy and others were present at the programme.

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