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One Arrested Near Siliguri For Trafficking Turtles

A man was arrested by the forest department for trafficking turtles in Sahudangi near Siliguri. The accused has been identified as Vishtu Das.

Forest officer Sanjay Dutt shared that they received the information about Vishtu Dutt and his team selling turtles and turtle meat illegally through a source.

The police team went to the traffickers posing as civilians and pretended to be potential buyers. On confirming the identity of the accused, they arrested Vishtu and seized the three turtles that were found with him. One of the turtles weighed around 30 kilograms.

Police sources shared that Vishtu used to buy the turtles from a wholesaler named Manik Saha and the latter used to get them from Bihar. He used to sell the turtle meat at a cost of Rs. 1200-1400 per kilograms. 

Dutt said that a warrant will also be issued against Manik Saha.

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