Woman laborer injured in Leopard attack in Kalchini's Bhatkhawa tea plantation

The families of workers in different tea gardens of Duars are living each day in fear of leopards. Incidents of leopard attack have been reported in different tea plantation areas of the Duara. A similar incident occurred on Thursday morning at 11 o'clock in the 12 number section of Bhatkhawa tea plantation under Kalchini block of Alipurduar district.

Workers working in the garden said that they were breaking leaves in the garden. At the same time, suddenly a leopard came and attacked a worker called Usha Lama. Other workers approached Usha Lama as soon as she started screaming for help and on seeing the crowd of workers, the leopard ran away.

Usha Lama was seriously injured in the leopard attack. She was taken to North Latabari Rural Hospital for the treatment by Bhatkhawa Tea plantation manager, where her treatment is currently going on.

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