W.Bengal Wins The Rosogulla Fight With Odisha

West Bengal’s long, bitter friction with Odisha over the Rosogulla sweet came to an end today after the Geographical Identification (GI) tag authenticated the sweet to have roots in Bengal.

A couple of years ago, Odisha had claimed that Rosogulla had originated from Puri’s Jagannath Templ, where it has been a part of the religious rituals since centuries ago.

In West Bengal, a confectioner named Nobin Chandra Das is widely known as the one who created the sweet in the 1860s. Bengal had stated at the GI registrar office that the Rosogulla found in Odisha was of a different kind since it varied in the shape and the colour. 

Today, the Geographical Indications Registry announced that the ‘Rosogulla’, unanimous with the Bengali identity, has its roots in West Bengal and not in Odisha.

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