Vote workers protest in demand for deployment of central corps in every booth

Due to lack of assurance for deployment of the Central Corps for every booth, hundreds of vote workers were seen leaving the training of Lok Sabha elections. This led to a tense atmosphere in Islampur High School and Islampur Girls School on Tuesday afternoon.

It is known that during training, when teachers did not get an proper answer to the question, whether the Central Corps would be deployed at each booth, they decided to leave the training and started protesting.

The protest began in Islampur High School first and after that they reached the Girls High School while protesting. Even there, the vote workers were seen leaving the training, and coming down on the streets protesting.

Vote workers claimed that they should be given an assurance to deploy adequate number of Central Corps in the Lok Sabha elections so that illegal activities can be stopped at every booth and their safety is also ensured.

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