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Visva stops tree-shade chatter

Visva-Bharati has put up a notification asking students not to squat on the ground near the Sangeet and Kala Bhavanas and chat for hours.

The notification, issued by the principal of Sangeet Bhavana, has been pasted on trees across the campus.

Students, many of them couples, engaging in long talking and laughter sessions is a common sight near one of the varsity’s most prominent landmarks, the Kalo Bari (black house). Officials said such sessions often hampered classes.


Sangeet Bhavana ar Kala Bhavana sanglagna elakaye jatro tatro bosha nishedh (sitting here and there in areas adjoining Sangeet Bhavana and Kala Bhavana is prohibited),” the notification issued by Sangeet Bhavana principal Madhabi Ruj said.

Ashramites, however, contended that sitting around trees in the area had been a tradition at the varsity and the notification was uncalled for.

Sangeet Bhavana sources said the notification was directed towards couples, although it did not mention them.

A Sangeet Bhavana student told The Telegraph: “Students mainly start gathering around the afternoon. When we practise songs and dance in our classes, the sound of laughter often disturbs us. Couples at times put us in embarrassment in front of our teachers. The notice was issued to curb all these.”

Sangeet Bhavana teachers cited another reason.

A senior teacher said: “Actually, we are afraid of any untoward incident. In that case, people will hold the university responsible. Students sitting under trees, singing and laughing has been a common sight for many years. But the situation has changed now.”

Security officers at the varsity said a few days ago, the principal of Kala Bhavana had informed them about the problem and asked them to take appropriate action.

The proctor in charge of security, Samit Ray, said: “I have already directed the security persons not to allow anyone to sit in that area.”

Sangeet Bhavana principal Ruj said: “I have issued the notification as students sit and chat there which creates disturbance for us.”


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