Update: Kalchini’s fake doctor and his co-workers arrested

Kalchini, 23rd October: The Kalchini police detained Dr. T.K. Paul, a fake doctor, and his two co-workers from the Kalchini Trolley Line area, on Tuesday. In this context, the 3 con-men have been arrested.

According to sources, the arrested took money from the workers of various tea gardens in Kalchini block to provide health check-ups and medicines to the tea laborer families in the Kalchini block. They held health camps and even opened an office in the Kalchini Trolley Line area. It has been alleged that people started having problems after consuming the medicines provided by them.

On Tuesday, Pasang Lama, a member of the Kalchini Gram Panchayat, and some residents went to the office and found medicines that were fake and had no valid papers. The police were soon informed about the incident. Upon receiving the news, the police reached the spot and detained Paul and his two colleagues.

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