Two young women reaches police station after not getting consent from family for their love affair

When the family came to know about two young women having a love affair for over a long period of time, both their family members started beating them. In the end, after not seeing any way out, both the women decided to take the help of the police.

Both the women reached Siliguri station on Saturday night. As soon as the families of the young women came to know of this, they also reached the police station and brought both of them out of the police station. The families tried to force them to sit in the Toto. Seeing this, local shopkeepers came forward. When the crowd began to grow, the police station' s IC also came on the spot. Later, two women policemen came and brought the women inside the police station. The families of both of them were also called. In the night itself, issues concerning were discussed about the people from both parties.

Police officials told the family members of the young women that in this regard if both the women have a consented relationship, then the family can not forcibly separate them. Apart from this, the police also told not to beat the women.

In the end, when the families of both of them said that they would listen to the advice of the police, the young women did not register the complaint.

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