Two Stillborn Babies At Coochbehar's Hospital, Family Says Negligence In Treatment

Two stillborn babies, i.e.babies that are born dead, were delivered at the MJN Hospital of Coochbehar. The families of both the babies have alleged that the incident took place due to negligence in treatment.

In the first case, a resident of Toofanganj Subdivision's Chamta named Mehar Ali had brought his pregnant wife, Dilpi Khatoon, to the MJN Hospital for her delivery. Khatoon delivered a stillborn child, which caused the enraged family to blame it on the carelessness of the hospital.

The family released their anger on the hospital; following which the Kotwali Police of Coochbehar arrived to control the situation. Meanwhile, the hospital management stated that Dilpi Khatoon is just 18 years old, hence her child died in her womb due to nutrition issues. 

The second incident of a stillborn birth was faced by a woman named Nayantara Biswas of Toofanganj. Nayantara's family accused that the nurses of the MJN Hospital do not behave properly with the patients and their families. 

Nayantara's husband, Ramchandra Biswas, stated that the doctor had told him that his wife still was a few days away from delivery. Ramchandra believed the doctor and took his wife home, but Nayantara had to be admitted at the hospital on Thursday since she was in discomfort. 

It has been alleged that the doctor did not come to treat Nayantara on time. It has also been said that the pregnant woman was in extreme discomfort, but the nurses misbehaved with the family and did not allow them to be near Nayantara.

When Nayantara was taken for delivery today, she gave birth to a stillborn baby. On the other hand, the nurses claim that the doctor did not come despite the fact that the call was made last night for the patient. 

The families of both the patients have now asked for a thorough investigation of the case.

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