Two snakes recovered from different tea gardens in Kalchini

Two snakes have been recovered from two different tea gardens of Kalchini block. It has been learned that officials of the forest department have recovered Monnet Clayet cobra snake from the Chanchula tea plantation. At the same time, a Sant Fit snake has been recovered from the Kalchini Out Division's Bukenbadi tea plantation.

Tony Sah, a forest worker and snake lover of the Pana range of the forest department, said that on Friday, after receiving the news at six o'clock in the morning, a five-feet long Clayet snake (Monnet Clayet Cobra) was caught from the staff quarters of Chanchula tea plantation. This snake is rarely found in North Bengal.

On the other hand, after seeing a snake of seven ft long in the Kalchini Tea Bagan Out Division Bukenbadi area, the workers gave the information to the forest department, after which the forest workers reached the spot and caught that snake. Both snakes have been left in the 2nd number compartment of Godamdabari BIT.

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