Two men fool woman and steal gold chain

Two men managed to steal a woman's gold chain and vanished. This incident took place in the city of Jaigaon on the India-Bhutan border. The woman's name is Dilmaya Gurung. She is a resident of Jaigaon.

Giving information about the incident, Dilmaya Gurung told that two youth riding a bike, came around 11 o'clock in the morning to their house. The men told that they clean bronze utensils and gold ornaments and introduced themselves as employees of Vim Soap Company. After listening to this, Dilmaya Gurung gave the brassware kept at their house immediately to clean.

Dilmaya Gurung gave the gold chain worn in her neck to clean as well, after getting convinced by their words. Taking advantage of the opportunity, in a short while, the young men escaped with the gold chain.

Attempts were made by the family members and locals to capture the youth after the incident, but their efforts failed.

After getting information about the incident, the police has started searching for the accused.

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