Two Bouncers arrested for assaulting youth in a renowned bar in Siliguri


There are allegations raised for assaulting young boys at a bar called the Beer Republic of city center in Matigara, Siliguri. The owner of the bar and the bouncer have been accused to be behind the whole incident. Meanwhile, the Matigara police has arrested both the bouncers. Their names are Tanmay Das and Amit Singh.

It is known that on the night of August 21, Rahul Garg and his friends had gone to the Beer Bar. During that a person misbehaved with Rahul. It is alleged that after this, the bar owner Keerat Singh and some people ganged up and assaulted Rahul and his friends. It is alleged that those people were hit with beer bottles and iron instruments. Apart from this, Rahul Garg has also filed a complaint of being robbed of Rs 50000.

After the incident, a complaint has been lodged against the owner at Matigara police station. The police arrested both bouncers and presented them in court on Friday. An attempt was made to talk to Keerat Singh and the Bar Manager on the phone, but the manager did not take the call. At the same time, the staff of the bar is not ready to open their mouth after the incident. According to sources, bar owner Keerat Singh is absconding since the incident.

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