Two arrested in Bagdogra Murder Case - Siliguri 

Two people have been arrested in the end for the double murder of the couple at Bagdogra in Siliguri. The names of those arrested are Sanjay Tamang and Bhumika Sheva as told. It is known that Sanjay Tamang is Bhumika Sheva's lover who was working in the catering service. It should be known that last Saturday in the midnight, someone had killed Ajay Kushwah and his wife Meena Kushwah by forcibly entering their house. Ajay used to supply staff for catering service. Police started investigating this incident. In the inquiry, the police came to know that Bhumika was present in the third floor of the house and she was awake while the incident took place. However, when other employees came back, they saw that the door of her room was closed from the outside. This made the police suspicious that how come inspite of the door being closed from outside she was not aware of the happenings in the house. After this her questionings still continued. Later they got the clue of her boyfriend. DCP Tarun Haldar said that both of them are related to the incident. There was money in the house, which was taken away. Due to old ennemity and greed of money, the incident had been executed.

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