Trinamool Congress workers accuses of sabotage in their house in Cooch Behar

BJP has been accused of sabotaging a Trinamool Congress worker’s house in the Ghaghirhat area of ​​Cooch Behar-1 number block. Allegations are that, last night, BJP people sabotaged 10 Trinamool Congress workers in the area. However, describing all the allegations as baseless by the BJP, they have described this matter as a matter of mutual conflict. At the same time, in order to ensure that there is no unrest in the area, BJP has stated that they will be holding a night patrol.

Savitra Dam, wife of Trinamool Congress activist, Pavitra Dam, said that some BJP members caused destruction to some houses in the area, including her house last night. While condemning all the allegations, BJP’s Subhash Chandra Dey said that BJP workers are not involved in this incident. From today onwards, BJP workers will patrol the area so that there is no unrest in the area.

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