Trauma Care Unit To Be Inaugurated In Siliguri's N.B.Medical-College Hospital

The Trauma Care Unit will be inaugurated at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) of Siliguri on June 1.

The Chairman of Patient Welfare Committee, Rudranath Bhattacharya, had called a meeting with the committee’s officials in NBMCH on Saturday. Rudranath Bhattacharya shared that a liquid gas plant will also be erected in the Medical college soon.

He also shared that many proposals were taken in the meeting, including the construction of widow home. The allocation of land for the widow home will be done as well. He further added that the beautification of the Medical college is being done with the expense of crores of rupees.

As per Rudranath Bhattacharya, the state government aims to give appropriate and better facilities to the people of North Bengal.

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