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More Trains Delayed & Cancelled Because Of Fog

It appears that the bitter cold that has enveloped North India is not leaving the region anytime soon. With the weather, issues of visibility due to fog are the biggest hurdles that are faced while travelling; not to mention the endless difficulties that the passengers face. 

According to the information received from the railway authorities, the Delhi-Guwahati 12502 Poorvottar Sampark Express has been cancelled. 

The Delhi-Dibrugarh 12424 Rajdhani Express is running 3.5 hours late, the Dibrugarh-Dehi 12423 Rajdhani Express reached the New Jalpaiguri Station 7 hours late while the Delhi-Guwahati 12506 North East Express was running 17 hours late on Friday. 

The Guwahati-Delhi 12505 North East Express arrived at the New Jalpaiguri Station four hours after its scheduled time. The Delhi-Dibrugarh 14056 Brahmaputra Mail is also running 18 hours behind. 

The Lalgarh-Dibrugarh 15910 Awadh-Assam Express is 20 hours behind its scheduled time and the Dibrugarh-Lalgarh 15909 Awadh-Assam Express is six hours late.

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