TMC District Woman President visits victim teacher

Siliguri, 14th August: Charges were raised against the teacher-in-charge of Siliguri Netaji GSFP Primary School,  a Trinamool Leader and Councilor Ranjan Sheel Sharma forcing illicit offers upon a female teacher. According to sources, on Tuesday, the victim teacher had also put forth the allegations of harassment against many teachers of the school.
However, Ranjan Sheel Sharma, on the contrary, accused the teacher of being negligent in her work and stated the allegations as baseless. On this regard, he also conferred to legal actions against the teachers. The incident has stirred both the political and educational world of Siliguri.
Meanwhile, Darjeeling’ Trinamool District Woman President Susmita Sengupta and other party members went to meet the teacher on Wednesday. Addressing the media, Susmita Sengupta said that the teacher was mentally affected by the incident. On the other hand, District Trinamool President and Minister Goutam Dev stated that allegations were charged and the law will commence its duty.

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