This village near Siliguri faces havoc of strong currents, people forced to leave homes


Due to the strong current of the rivers, the land on the banks of the river Mahananda has been sliding out in a small village called Middle Palash, near Devidanga, Champasari in Siliguri, due to which the people residing there are facing a lot of difficulty. People are scared that any time their home can be grounded along with the land under it. The families settled here are very poor, because of which they are unable to build their homes again. A resident of Middle Palash has created a video of the said area and sent it to Siliguri Times and appealed the administration to come forward to help the people of the region. Over the past few days, the land is falling off quickly from the banks of the river. A madrasa is located near here, in which about 200 children read.

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Local people said that we tried to tell the administration about this a lot, but there was no benefit. Local people have demanded that the administration come forward to help them as soon as possible.

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