This time exciting gifts to be given out for taking selfies during Durga Pooja

Everyone goes to Pooja Pandals and takes selfies, but what if you were to get exciting gifts for your selfies? Yes, Siliguri Times has brought this opportunity for you.
One does not have to put much effort in this. This time Siliguri Times banners have been placed around Siliguri's 19 Pooja Pandals. You can see these banners around the Pooja compounds. You just have to stand in front of the banner and take a selfie and send it to Siliguri Times's What's App number 9933660022.

After this your photos will be uploaded on the Siliguri Times Facebook page. On the basis of the most likes received on those pictures, 10 winners will get an opportunity to win Exciting Gifts. The time limit for sending the selfies is upto midnight 12 o'clock of October 19.The Pooja Pandals where the banners of Siliguri Times have been placed, their names are given below.

Central Colony Durga Puja Committee, Winners Club, Shaktigarh Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee, Ujjwal Sangh, YMA, Dadabhai Sporting Club, Subrata Sangha, Himachal Sangh, Agrani Sangha, Suryanagar Friends Union, Sanghashree, Rathkhola Sporting Club, New Yuvak Sangha (Ghogomali), Collegepara Puja Committee, Swastika Youth Union, Upkar Athletic Club, Jathiya Shakti Sangh and Pathakar (Champasari) and Maydevi Club (Mattigara).
So do not delay and send your selfies to our What's App number as soon as possible.

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