Baxirhat College President’s Room Set Ablaze By Thieves

The room of the President of the Baxirhat College was set ablaze by thieves after they robbed the place in Coochbehar today morning.

According to sources, the residents of the area noticed smoke coming out of the college building. Professor of the college, Laltu Barman, and other employees also reached the site on being notified about the incident. They managed to extinguish the fire soon after.

The fire brigade also arrived to review the situation. Locals shared that when they reached inside the college building, they found the lock of the President’s room to be broken. The room also appeared like it had be ransacked. 

Barman shared that the cashier’s room and the computer lab had also been vandalized by the thieves. An FIR has now been lodged at the Baxirhat Police Station and the police has started an investigation in the case.

Internet photo.

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