Tension in Mekhaliganj of Cooch Behar due to political conflict

Unrest was observed in the Kharija Gopalpur Kamat area, 187 number of Jamaldah Gram Panchayat under Mekhaliganj block, due to conflicts between BJP-Trinamool.

According to sources, the BJP has stopped the construction of road in the area for using poor quality products in the concrete road work. In this regard, a written complaint has also been made on behalf of the BJP to the BDO.

On the other hand, Trinamool Congress alleged that on Wednesday when Trinamool Congress Panchayat member Jaya Burman was discussing issues with the women workers and the Gram Panchayat Chief and construction assistant, the BJP activists attacked them.

Along with this, allegations have also been made for setting fire to the Panchayat members house against the BJP. On receiving information about the unrest in the area, Mekhaliganj police reached the scene and got the situation under control. The Police picketing has been installed in the area.

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