Temporary employees decide to boycott elections for not getting wages on time

Temporary workers belonging to the BSNL Telecom Security Union (STSSEU) organization, said in a press conference held in Siliguri Journalists Club on Thursday that this time their organization is going to boycott the Lok Sabha elections if they do not get the unpaid salaries to date.

Secretary of Siliguri Zone of STSSEU organization Ashok Das said that many people surrounded the BSNL office of Siliguri and also sat on a Dharna.

Not only this, many times letters have been written to various departments to solve this problem, but there has been no solution. After that, those people went to Delhi this year and informed the CMD of the telecom department about their grievances and gave a letter, yet no solution have been provided till now.

He further said that under the Labor Act, employees should get salary on the 7th of every month, but both BSNL and the Central Government are ignoring this act. For these many reasons, those people have decided to boycott the Lok Sabha elections.

At the same time, the mountain zone's Secretary, Pramesh Pradhan, said that this organization has 200 temporary staffs and 150 on the hills. Due to non-receipt of the salary, these people are unable to get the education of their children done as well as run their houses. He said that along with election boycott, his organization is going to sit on relay hunger strike from April 8.

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