Teacher accused of giving obscene offer to student

A teacher has been accused of giving obscene offer to a college student. This incident is from Polytechnic College of Coochbehar. The name of the accused teacher is stated as Animesh Roy.

On Monday, in protest against this incident, students of the college protested demanding appropriate action against the teacher and to remove him from the college. Also the complaint against the teacher has been registered with the Principal.


The student alleged that the teacher proposed to meet her at various places including the park and asked her to come to his room alone in college. Apart from that, he also gave various threats when she failed to appear.

Anupam Dey, former College Secretary of the union, alleged that the said teacher also had various types of messages on whatssap. In this regard, the Principal Pravin Sarkar of the College said that a complaint has been lodged by the student against the teacher. In this regard an investigation is being conducted.

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