Sushmita gives Madhyamik examination overcoming physical incapabilities

Sushmita Mandal, a resident of Milanpalli of Vidhanagar, ignoring her physical restriction, has given her secondary examination. Sushmita is a student of Santoshini Vidyachakra in Bidhanagar. Sushmita is 90 percent disabled. The length of her right hand is also much lower than other people. There is only two fingers on her left hand, because of which she can not even hold anything from that hand.

Now Sushmita’s strength is just her feet. Sushmita’s dream is to complete her education and become something with the help of her feet. On Tuesday, on the first day of secondary examination, Sushmita wrote the answers to her examination with her left foot.

Sushmita’s parents are both labors by profession. That is why they are not able to get treatment for Sushmita due to financial constraints. Despite this, Sushmita has been studying and ignoring the problems of her body.

Like others, Sushmita also has many dreams in her life. After taking the exam yesterday, Sushmita said that she wants to become a teacher in the future.

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