Supreme Court Rejects Bimal Gurung's Plea, CM Mamata Welcomes The Decision

A big shock came along for Bimal Gurung as the threat of being arrested looms over his head once again now since the Supreme Court has rejected all of his pleas. The Chief Minister of the state, Mamata Banerjee, has lauded the decision. 

Under Section 32 of the Indian constitution, Bimal Gurung had told the Supreme Court in November last year that his privacy was being violated and that the West Bengal government was conspiring against him. 

Bimal Gurung had requested for an independent investigation in connection to the accusations. But after a few months of the hearing, the Supreme Court announced on Friday that it is rejecting all of Gurung's petitions. 

Moreover, a bench comprising of Supreme Court judges A.K. Singh and Ashok Bhushan stated that the West Bengal government has not misused its power in the hills. 

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