Sukrity Ash claims to be innocent before being presented to court

SFI activist Sukrity Ash has been arrested from Howrah and has been brought to Siliguri. He was brought to Siliguri on Thursday morning. Sukrity was in the NJP police station, from where he was later taken to appear in the Siliguri court.

On the other hand, while speaking to the reporters today, Sukrity Ash said that 'I have not done anything wrong, and I am being falsely implicated'. Sukrity  said that on the day of the incident, 'I did not want to put kerosene oil on the police but was putting it on the effigy'.

It should be known that a few days ago, a rally was taken out by the Left Front on Hillcart Road wherein a clash had broken out between the people who were involved in the rally and the Police. At the same time, several people, including Sukrity, were charged with attempting to burn the police by throwing kerosene oil on them. After this the police filed the case and on Wednesday, Sukriti was arrested from Howrah.


SFI supporter from Siliguri arrested in Howrah

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