Students accused of running away from school and sitting in liquor hub

Three students of Siliguri Boys High School have been accused of fleeing from the school and sitting in a liquor hub in their school attire. This event took place on Monday morning.

Some young men caught the three students red-handed in front of the Kangchenjunga Stadium in Siliguri. It is known that the three students are students of Class XI of Siliguri Boys High School.

It is alleged that these three students had run away from the school and used to gather in the liquor bar inside the Kanchenjunga stadium. On Monday, some youths spotted them and stopped them inside the stadium. On objecting them, they ran and fled from there.

At the same time, the school management has also recovered 35 mobile phones by running a campaign in different classes of the school. In this regard, the teacher in charge of Siliguri Boys High School, said, "We got the news that some students have been going to the liquor bar wearing school uniforms." We are investigating the incident.

Apart from this, 35 mobile phones have also been recovered from the school. The parents of all the students have been called in the school.

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