Strike will not be allowed to be successful : Gautam Deb

The Islampur shootout is being considered by the CPI (M), BJP and RSS as a political issue and is using the called strike as an excuse to instigate the matter. The state government will not allow the Bengal strike called on 26th September to be a success. State tourism minister Gautam Deb gave this information through a press conference in Trinamool Congress District Office, Hillcart Road, Siliguri on Monday.

He said that most of the Trinamool Congress cabinet members are members included in student politics. He said that his party is sympathetic to the two students killed in Islampur shootout and is conducting a professional investigation, but some groups are trying to give this whole event a political form.

He said that the strike called by the BJP on September 26 will not be allowed to succeed in any situation. Shri Deb said that violence will not be tolerated during the midst of a republical type strike. He said that the state should not be affected by the shutdown, so Trinamool Congress themselves will go on the road so that people's lives continue as normal.

At the same time, he said that the public buses will be moving on regular basis to avoid any kind of problems that the common people could face during the shutdown. He said that he will soon meet the family of the two students killed in Islampur shootout.

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