Sony pulls Spider-man out of the MCU over dispute with Disney

With the whole world watching, Sony has pulled the famous web-slinging hero ‘Spider-man’ out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over a profit-sharing dispute with Disney. According to the report, the break is due to a profit-sharing dispute between Sony (which still holds the rights to the character) and Marvel’s parent company Disney. Sony has reportedly been disappointed with Disney for shortening the successful co-operation between the two studios but they hope that it might change in the future.

The news could mean that Spider-man’s appearance in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic movies as well as crossovers from character’s like Iron Man or Nick Fury in future Spider-man movies could end with Spider-man: Far From Home.

According to information, Disney has asked that they be paid 50% of the profits from the future Spider-man movies in addition to the merchandise instead of the current deal which is said to give Marvel (and Disney) 5% of gross box-office revenue.

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