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Sonada’s Violence Spreads In Darjeeling

The violence and tension that has enveloped Sonada is now spreading to other areas of the hills as reports of arson and unrest surface from Darjeeling now.

This fresh round of agitation has come after a young GNLF member was shot to death around midnight. 

News of clashes between the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha supporters and the police have been reported from the Chowk Bazaar area of Darjeeling.

Vandalism and arson have been seen at the DFO’s office and bungalows in the district. The same have been witnessed at the office of the Food and Supplies Department and at the Ghoom Station.

Moreover, a police booth was destroyed in Chowk Bazaar and vehicles are being vandalized. Given the situation, the army has been deployed in the area.

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