Social Worker Madan Bhattacharya Comes Forward To Help Siliguri’s Sick Minor

The social worker, Madan Bhattacharya, came forward to help a resident of Siliguri’s Haiderpara Suchitra Subba.

Suchitra has been suffering from thalassaemia and liver ailment since young age. Her operation was done at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital one week ago. Her spleen had been removed in the operation.

The doctors shared that Suchitra will need blood transfusion after every three months. Today morning, Madan Bhattacharya met her and donated money as well as some food to Suchitra’s mother.

According to sources, liver cancer had claimed the life of Suchitra’s father. A few months ago, Siliguri Times had covered the news; after which many people extended a helping hand towards her.

Madan Bhattacharya had helped the family for Suchitra's treatment before as well. He shared that he will continue to help the minor.

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