Sitong Maize Fair

Kurseong, 1st August: In a joint venture, a fair was organized by the farmers of different villages of three Gram Panchayats under Kurseong Sub Division. Under the aegis of Agricultural Department of Kurseong, over 100 different food items produced from maize were showcased in the fair. Agricultural Department Deputy Director, Dinesh Kumar Sundas, said the main purpose of organizing the fair was to make the farmers aware of various classes provided by the Agricultural Department as well as to make the farmers financially sustainable. Sundas further added that the Department is also working towards grabbing the attention of literate youths of the region in the field of agriculture. In addition to this, the Department also aims in providing plough machines to the farmers at low subsidy.  

Deputy Director Sundas said that if the agricultural products are available to the farmers with the help of 50 percent subsidy from the government and 25 percent from the GTA, it could improve the economic stability of the farmers. The farmers were further educated to irrigate in less water, harvest rain water and discussed how these techniques can be useful in farming. He also called upon the farmers to contact the nearest Development Agriculture Office to inquire about all the concessions from the government. On behalf of the organizing committee, Dil Bantawa informed that the purpose of organizing a maize fair was to bring together all the farmers belonging to the three Gram Panchayats of Sitong. He further stated that Prime Minister Rural Irrigation Scheme was started for the first time in Sitong 1 Gram Panchayat and 15 clusters were also formed while GTA Chairman Anit Thapa is also providing many privileges through GTA to improve the economic condition of the farmers.

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