Siliguri’s Unclaimed Suitcase Incident: Police Hands Over Suitcase To Owner

The police handed over the suitcase which had been found in the Jhankar More of Siliguri on April 13 to its owner.

The owner’s name has been stated as Suraj Sahani, a resident of Phansidewa More in Matigara. As per sources, on April 13, the locals were terrorized by seeing the unclaimed suitcase in the Jhankar More as they feared that the suitcase may have contained explosives.

The police as well as the bomb squad had arrived at the scene. The bomb squad had examined the suitcase and had found a few documents in it.

The police had contacted Sahani through the phone number that was found in the documents. Suraj Sahani shared that his suitcase had been stolen while he was purchasing medicines.

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