Siliguri Youths Celebrate Birthday With Kids At NJP Station

Two youths of Siliguri, namely Samiran and Sangeeta Haldar, celebrated their birthdays by sharing the day's happiness with the kids who live in the premises of the New Jalpaiguri Station.

Samiran and Sangeeta Haldar are the members of an organization called the Moner Rangoli Society. On Wednesday, the duo and other members of the society went to the NJP Station and met 30 children there who are being taken care of by the Muktangan organization. 



After cutting the cake, the children were also given food packets with friend rice, cottage cheese and dessert in them. It has also been found that a scheme called 'Ramdhanu' has also been started by the organization; under which the lesser-fortunate children will be fed a proper meal.

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