Siliguri traffic police targets to keep Hospital More free of traffic jam in view of Madhyamik exams

The problem of traffic jam at Siliguri’s Hospital Mod creates a havoc for many people residing in the city. From ambulances to school students, everybody ends being a victim to the traffic jams. That is why Siliguri Traffic Police has set a goal to keep the Hospital More free from the problems of traffic jam for the Madhyamik examination.

The secondary examination has started in the state since Tuesday. There is a large number of traffic police officers deployed from the morning at the Hospital Mod to avoid any student from being caught in the problem of jam while traveling to the examination and to reach the examination center at the right time.

Police has kept their eyes wide open for every situation and no vehicles such as Toto, City Auto are allowed to stay halted for a long time. Till the time Madhyamik examination will be held, Siliguri traffic police will give special attention to Hospital Mod.

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