Siliguri Sukant Sporting Union Club Pooja Pandal to look like a 'Puzzle Box'

Now there are only a few days left for Durgotsav. The construction work of many pooja pandals is on the final stage. The Siliguri Sukant Sporting Union Club, which has been included in the list of the city's main clubs, has been winning the hearts of the devotees in Durga Puja for the last several years. This year is the 39th year of Sukant Sporting Union Club and this time their theme is "Kalyug". The budget of their Pooja was 10 lakh rupees this time.

Regarding the theme of Pooja, the members of the club said that as per the predictions, it's the fourth era. Accordingly, we have chosen the remaining era i.e we have chosen 'Kaliyug' as our theme. The darkness and anonymity of this age will be exhibited in the Pandal. At the same time, the goals also keep changing over time, due to which the 'Pooja Pandal' is being constructed like a 'puzzle box'.

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