"Siliguri Mayor Has Failed To Control The Mysterious Fever"- Opp. Leader Ranjan Sarkar

While speaking to the media in Siliguri today, opposition leader Ranjan Sarkar said that the Mayor of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation, Ashok Bhattacharya, has failed to control the mysterious fever from spreading in the city.

"The Mayor has failed to control the mysterious fever. The pressure on the District Hospital as well as the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital has been rising with each passing day. We picked up this issue at the board meetings many times, but the Mayor has never told the truth," said Ranjan Sarkar. 

The opposition leader further said that till the Durga Puja, they had executed several campaigns against the mysterious fever with the help of the Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority. Now, Sarkar has approached the SJDA for their help with dengue campaigns. 

"A sum of Rs. 1.94 crores, which was set aside in 2014 for a building, is stuck because the Municipal Corporation is unable to spend the money," accused Ranjan Sarkar as he gave other examples of funds that have not been spent by the SMC. 

Meanwhile, Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya said that the threat of dengue has become dangerously widespread in the entire state. 

The Mayor said,"It is only in Siliguri that the menace of dengue is decreasing. The same has been said in a report of the health department."

On speaking about the unused funds, the Mayor said that the money that has not been used will be given back to the state government and that a letter about the same has also been sent out to all other Municipalities. 

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