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Siliguri district hospital will now get iron free water

New pipes of drinking water are being set up at Siliguri district hospital. All the previously existing pipes that were there before have neen changed for new ones. After the meeting of Patient Welfare Committee of Siliguri District Hospital on Friday, Chairman Rudranath Bhattacharya said the above words. He said that this work will be done on Monday. The new water pipes will supply iron-free water to hospital patients and their families.

Apart from this, in today’s meeting, special discussions have also been done on the efforts to improve medical services in the hospital in the coming days. Dr. Rudranath Bhattacharya said that there is no clue of Chikungunya found in Siliguri yet. There are no reports on this.

In this regard, the District CMOH Pralay Acharya said that we have not received any such report at this time. The two people, who were told to suffer from Chikungunya, have been examined in the private lab. We will be able to clearly explain this by examining them on our own. In today’s meeting, CMOH Pralay Acharya, Siliguri District Superintendent Amitabh Mandal and others were present.

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