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2,014 Candidates File Nominations For Sikkim Panchayat Elections

The north eastern state of Sikkim will be holding its Panchayat elections on November 3. As per sources, 2,014 candidates have filed their nominations for the election so far.

In West Sikkim, 85 candidates have submitted the nominations for the District Regional Committee while 653 candidates have filed the nominations for the Panchayat.

Simultaneously, 90 candidates have given their nominations for District Regional Committee and for the Gram Panchayat Wards of the entire district. In the southern district, 593 candidates submitted nominations for the Gram Panchayat while 83 candidates filed for regional committee.

Sources shared that today is the last day for the candidates to withdraw their names; for the final list of the candidates will be declared soon. It has been reported that the vote counting for the Panchayat election will be done on November 5.

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