Sick Candidates Take Madhyamik Exam In Coochbehar’s Hospital

Two candidates took their Madhyamik Examination at hospital in Coochbehar as they were feeling unwell. The students’ names have been stated as Bulbuli Ray and Dipankar Barman.

As per sources, Bulbuli is a student of Santradevi Konamali Balika School of Coochbehar Block-2 and her exam centre is in Manindra Nath High School. Bulbuli started feeling unwell when she was in the exam hall and was admitted at the MJN Hospital, where she took her exam.


The other candidate, Dipankar Barman is a student of Mahakalguri High School in Dinhata Mahakuma. He also fell sick while taking exam at Bamanhat High School; after which he was brought to the Bamanhat Primary Health Centre. He took the exam at the health centre.

Coochbehar’s Madhyamik exam convenor, Mithun Sheyab, said that the students took their exam under tight security arrangements. The exams are being conducted peacefully in the Coochbehar district.

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