Shivalinga Emerges From Ground In Kalchini

A Shivalinga emerged from the ground near the Bangabari Football ground in the Atiabari Tea Estate of Kalchini. A huge crowd had gathered in the area to witness the Shivalinga.

Local sources shared that a local resident named Sumit Bhokta was roaming in the ground on Wednesday evening, when he saw the boulder. He tried to dislodge the boulder, but he failed to do so.


The locals believe that the boulder is the Shivalinga and they started worshipping it. They are now planning to construct a temple at the site. Chairman of Alipurduar Nature Club, Amar Dutt, stated that the Dima River used to flow in Atiabari before.

The course of the river changed with time. The Shiva temple could have submerged into the river and now, the Shivalinga has emerged to the surface.

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