Sanjivani Debnath from Coochbehar tops secondary examination in State

3 students included in the districts list of intellectuals
Today the rrsults of the secondary examinations in the state was announced. This time, the name of Coochbehar district has highlighted in the secondary exams. Sanjivani Debnath of Coochbehar district has secured first place in the state. She has achieved 689.

Sanjivani received 98 marks in Bengali subject, 97 in English, 100 in mathematics, 99 in physics, 99 in biology, 98 in history, and 98 in geography. Sanjivani's father Pankaj Debnath is the Principal of Coochbehar College and mother Seema Debnath is a teacher of Dinhata High School. Sanjivani used to study for about 7 hours a day. Sanjivani is dreaming to become a doctor after growing up.

At the same time, there are four people in the intellectual list of the state from Coochbehar's Suniti Academy along with Sanjeevani. Mayurakshi Sarkar of this school has secured 687 marks and was at third position in the state. Mayurakshi wants to become an engineer in future. Apart from this, Ankita Das of the school has secured 685 marks and is fifth in the state and Eitihaj Saha (681) is in ninth place.

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