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Robbers Attempt To Rob Bank In Islampur, Fails

A gang of robbers attempted to rob the Dimrulla branch of the United Bank of India in Panditpota-1 Gram Panchayat of Islampur, but failed to so.

According to sources, the thieves tried to rob the bank that is located on the first floor on Tuesday night. Today morning, the employees reached the bank to find the rods of the window had been cut.

The Branch Manager, Rahul Kumar reached the bank on being notified about the incident and found the CCTV camera and monitor in broken condition. The thieves had also tried cut off the vault in the bank but they were not able to do so.


Rahul Kumar said that the robbers had destroyed the other items in the bank but did not steal anything. The Islampur Police also reached the bank and commenced an investigation.

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