Road Construction Starts Behind Coochbehar Airport

The construction of a new road commenced from today behind the Coochbehar Airport in the Ward 9 area of the city. Minister of the North Bengal Development Department, Rabindranath Ghosh, inaugurated the road and marked the start of its construction today. 

Along with the Minister, Coochbehar Municipality's Vice Chairman and Amina Ahmad, the Councillor of Ward 9, were also present there during the time.


Minister Rabindranath Ghosh shared that the road is being constructed with a sum of Rs. 4 crores 6 lakhs- an amount that the North Bengal Development Department sanctioned. 

The new road will be connecting to NH31 and will benefit the people of New Coochbehar and its adjoining areas. The Minister also said that flight services to and from Coochbehar will be starting soon.

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