Ranjan Shil Sharma takes initiatives to keep the Ward clean

Siliguri, 5th December: Ranjan Shil Sharma, the Councillor of Ward No 37 under Siliguri Municipal Corporation, has put up posters to keep the Ward clean and create awareness among the citizens.

Sharma has been putting up posters in the various areas of the Ward, since the 2nd of December. On Thursday morning, posters were put up in the Ghogomali Bazar area to create awareness among the citizens.

Ranjan Shil Sharma requested the residents of the Ward to dump the garbage in the specific vehicle provided on behalf of the SMC, rather than throwing them on the streets and sewers. He further stated that the campaign will be conducted for 7 days. He also stated that legal actions will be taken against the ones who continue to throw garbage in the streets.

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